Corporate Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities / Environment

At THC, we vision social responsibilities far beyond donations and superficial PR sessions. Social Responsibilites are deeply rooted into the hearts of each of our employees. Our SKUs are committed to sustainable health of our trusted consumers and to manufacture, grow, high quality, great tasting and nutritious products. Our agriculture team works on industry best practices whilst trying to be as organic as possible. The Rice/Corn/Coffee plantations are treated with only natural fertilizers (chemical fertilisers are a taboo at our fields). The manufacturing team are also engaged in sustainable manufacturing with a motto (source local if possible). Other than being responsible to the environment, THC believes that wherever we operate, we value and support the communities, engaging trust amongst the communities.

Schemes Introduced:



Introduced in 2014, THC and it’s affiliates supports/finances at present 5 children who were deprived of education in Myanmar. Our target is an increase of 20% yearly. Under this scheme, the deprived children are being supported to receive education and basic necessities till college or University.



EmeRes is a short abbreviation for Emergency Rescue. Introduced in 2013, EmeRes was formed due to natural disasters (flood/drought) that occurs frequently in Myanmar. EmeRes reacts to these natural disasters by requesting for assistance from our affiliates, organising the logistics and necessary assistance to disastrous areas



ComSup is a short abbreviation for Community Support. In these events, THC and it’s affiliates lend our helping hands to those that are less privileged. This involves a quarterly event to charitable organisations, donating/assisting the less privilege. These includes visits to old folks home or orphanage, where our team will spend their day at the home, assisting nurses/social workers.

“We love what we do, we provide high quality commodities for over 4 generations, which is impossible without loyal customers. In order to provide the finest food products/commodities, we need constant support from the communities. We do so by not contaminating their premises, we do so by not destroying their homes with bad manufacturing habits, we do so so that they know we’re friendly neighbours who equally love their home.” – Quoted Teo Ching Wei, Managing Director THC