Brand Heritage


Originated from an Australian dairy company, Lifeguard was the most distinctive condensed milk brand in the post cold war era. The slogan “Let Lifeguard milk raise your Child” clearly depicts the nation’s trust in embracing Lifeguard’s products since the 1930s. With a rich history, Lifeguard brand continues to bring a variety of superior dairy products.


Flying Horse was created to bring together all-time-favourite Asian canned cuisines, with its leading tropical fruits series like Longans and Lychees being widely recognised for it’s quality. Over the years, it’s series expanded to include various selections of Vegetarian products such as Mock meat, Mushrooms and other fruits. Popular amongst households as a premium quality brand which offers a wide array of flavours and tastes for our customers. Flying Horse continues to evolve and to become the market leader for canned provisions series.


Started as a humble brand to represent condensed milk and creamers, Princess has already canned abalone, vegetable, fish and fruits, agar agar strips, noodles and sauces, milk beverages and powder under its name. Moving forward, in line with our Group’s Corporate structure, Princess will discontinue it’s provision and diaries series. Princess brand will be revamped into a gems and jewellery portfolio which will be readily available in mid 2017. 

Uncle teo

Uncle Teo quality seal is a symbol of Trusted Quality. The seal was crafted based on the Founder’s portrait, symboling the importance of the values and lessons passed down by him. The logo is printed on each carton box, which clearly depicts the affordable, reliable and trusted quality of the products we hold.

Logo no background

Marco’s Cellar is a new trademark that was incorporated in 2016 solely for our wines and spirits portfolio. We distribute old & new world wines with the firm believe that everyone has a fine bottle of wine and spirit for each customer’s palate palate. Marco’s Cellar holds many sole distributorships for fine cognacs and wines in both Singapore & Myanmar.