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The Business Times 08/08/2017 Page 26 – More SME tap Myanmar’s potential

Singapore’s Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly seeing the potential of the Myanmar market, with more local companies venturing out into the country, Singapore was the second largest investor in Myanmar as of 2016, with a cumulative investment of US$15.6 billion…..Teo Ching Wei, MD of Teck Huat & Company said that their success has not come without struggles. “Myanmar is a very challenging market and predominantly operates with cash. It was through sheer determination and hard work from the team that made us what we are today…”

The Straits Times 06/11/69 Page 12 – Canned Food Dishes for Busy Career Wives

Canned or deep-frozen food tastes just as good as the fresh variety…

To convince housewives it is so, most of them have come up with recipes from factory test kitchens…

Most of the ingredients are canned so you don’t have to spend so much time in preparing the dishes.

The Straits Times 15/07/69 Page 16 – Convenience of Canned Foods

Elderly housewives and others too, may find a real convenience in a shelf well-stocked with canned foods.

Canned vegetables, meats and soups are convenient foods that save time in labour and preparation.

Online Articles

Teck Huat & Co, 14th August 2017.Are you game and trendy enough for Red Wine Hot Chocolate?

What’s better than munching on a bar of chocolate and enjoying a glass of wine? Combining both and indulge in a cup of red wine hot chocolate! As the saying goes, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”, we’re sure this saying is made for red wine hot chocolate.

Teck Huat & Co, 16th June 2017. A little gift goes a long way; Tug at his heartstrings this Father’s day!

A father is a person who will stop at nothing to give his children a fulfilling life. He may not perform extraordinary feats to prove his fatherly love but his simple gestures will convince you how much he loves you…

Teck Huat & Co, 9th May 2017. Save the date, 14th May 2017 — A little gratitude towards your mom this Mother’s day…

A mother is a symbol of selfless love and affection. She is a person, who, without the intention of getting anything in return sacrifices herself just to fulfill her children’s wishes. Without her presence, our own existence would not be possible…

Teck Huat & Co, 24th April 2017. Have you been holding your wine glass correctly?

Holding your wine glass incorrectly does not only make you less “Classy” but also put the glass of wine to waste. What is the direct implication to this?

One of the most common mistakes of holding wine glass is by the bowl section. Did you know holding the wine glass by the bowl area can heats up the wine? The ideal serving temperature of most wines is at most 17 degrees Celsius and hand contact with the bowl area can bring the wine out of its optimum temperature range fairly quickly.

Teck Huat & Co, 31st March 2017. Wine Bottle Punt is not merely a design, there’s something more to it!

If you were to examine one of your latest wine purchases, do you realise that besides its long and slender neck, a corked or screw-capped top and an eye-catching label, there is an indent (commonly known as a punt)

Although not every single wine bottle has a punt, most of them do. However, the reason why these little indents exist have always been ambiguous as there are multiple theories behind their existence…

Teck Huat & Co, 9th March 2017. Mooiplaas — South African Goodness

Mooiplaas Wine Estate & Private Nature Reserve is a winery, vineyard and nature reserve located in the Stellenbosch wine district of the Western Cape, in South Africa. The wine estate dates back to 1806, when its first owner Petrus Bosman acquired the land. The land was subsequently acquired in 1963 by Nicolaas and Mercia Roos.

Mooiplaas wines are extremely unique as they are classic wines with a twist on it — it characters consists of modern flavors such as…

Teck Huat & Co, 24th February 2017. Burgundy Is Not Just A Colour

Burgundy— otherwise known as Bourgogne or vin de Bourgogne is wine made in Burgundy, a region in eastern France. The most famous wines are dry red wines made from Pinot Noir grapes and white wines made from Chardonnay grapes. Other grape varieties such as Gamay and Aligoté are also used, but not as noble as the aforementioned two varieties. Small amounts of rosé and sparkling wines are produced in the region as well…

Teck Huat & Co, 9th February 2017. There’s Something More Than Just Love On Valentine’s Day!

Valentine was a priest that served in a Catholic church who existed during the third century in ancient Rome, Italy. When Emperor Claudius II discovered that single men served better in the army as compared to married men (they had commitments towards their spouses and offsprings), he outlawed marriage for young men.

This sparked outrage in Valentine, who realized the injustice of the decree, defied the emperor and continued to perform marriage rituals for couples behind closed doors. He eventually got discovered, captured and put to death by Claudius…..

Teck Huat & Co, 6th January 2017. 2017 Is Going To Be A Great Year

Are you penning down your resolutions for the new year? While many people are trying to kickstart the year with a list of extremely popular resolutions such as resolving to hit the gym more or saving up more, THC, on the other hand, have been up to some serious work….

Teck Huat & Co, 20th December 2016. Chef In A Box… Say What?!

Vending machines are a common sight in all corners worldwide… But not one like ‘Chef In Box’!

The first ever Vendcafe (vending café) premiered in the Seng Kang estate, Singapore at the start of August 2016! Reception from the residents were extremely positive, which attracted many foodies to step forward and join its long queues…..

At present, TryMe comes in these 2 exciting flavors — Homthong banana chips and Italian pizza taro chips, which are both available in Vendcafe.


Teck Huat & Co, 30th November. Pinotage — The Love Child of Pinot Noir & Cinsaut

Pinotage and Pinot Noir’s name are rather misleading as it sounds similar, so, therefore, it is easy to assume that these 2 grapes taste alike. In fact, pinotage is more similar to shiraz in terms of its look and taste than pinot noir….

Our wines and spirits subsidiary, Marco’s Cellar, currently has its Cape Dreams pinotage wines out of stock as it is highly sought-after at the moment…

Teck Huat & Co, 1st November. Lifeguard condensed milk back in the olden days

Lifeguard condensed milk was a staple product that could be found in almost every household back in the olden days. According to the older generations, condensed milk was an ingredient that stood for simple happiness. A slice of bread that was slathered with a thin layer of condensed milk sufficed for a snack.

Teck Huat & Co, 1st November. All The Crispiness, Half The Calories

A healthy and well-balanced diet can definitely include snacks, but sometimes it can be easy to overindulge. However, with the emergence of snacks that are produced with the latest technologies such as vacuum-frying, the sharp pang of guiltiness you feel while snacking no longer seems as big of a problem anymore.

Teck Huat & Co, 4th November. How have you been drinking your cognacs?

ABK6 — a prestigious cognac hailing from France has had many of our friends falling head over heels in love with it. Today, to enable you to revel further with our ABK6, we will be sharing with you a few ways of savoring this magnificent cognac.

Teck Huat & Co, 1st November. Our Grandparents paperbag

Aesthetically, this stylish “retro looking” paper bag entails the Pre-World War II shopfront where Teck Huat used to be located. This is situated along Victoria Street, Singapore, which is currently occupied by KFC and Bugis street. Spot the Lifeguard Condensed milk signboard on the extreme right of the paper bag.

Teck Huat & Co, 19th October. Guilt-Free Snack – Jasmine brown rice snack

GRAINEY Jasmine brown rice snack is a light, crisp and flavorful guilt-free snack option to keep your waistline intact yet fully satisfied. GRAINEY rice chips contain 15% fewer CALORIES than other chips. They are produced using the POP technology instead of Fried or Baked technology our competitors adopt.

Reuters Health, 11th November 2015. Canned fruit, vegetables linked to better diet

Adults who consumed canned fruits and vegetables had an average diet quality score of 49 on a scale of 0 to 100, compared with 47.4 for their peers who didn’t eat these foods. For children, eating these canned goods was linked to an average diet score of 45.8, compared with 43.3 without these foods.

Canned food has a shelf life of at least two years from the date of processing, 2014

Canned food retains its safety and nutritional value well beyond two years, but it may have some variation in quality such as a change of color and texture. Food safety is not an issue in products kept on the shelf or in the pantry for long periods of time.

Nutrition, 15th May 2012. Straight out of the can

Some canned vegetables are similar in nutritional value to fresh vegetables, and the concentrations of the vitamins and minerals remain the same even after 1–2 years of sitting on your shelf as a result of the oxygen-free environment.  Miranda Hitti reports that the American Dietetic Association noted in a statement released in January 2006 that “canned vegetables are good substitutes for fresh produce and sometimes maybe healthier.”

2011 study published in the “Journal of Science and Food Agriculture. Nutrition Differences in Canned Vs. Fresh Produce

In terms of nutrition, there isn’t a lot of difference between fresh and canned varieties, according to Kansas State University Research and Extension. Canned fruits and vegetables retain their nutrients, such as vitamin C and fiber, through the canning process, which makes them about as healthy as fresh produce. In fact, canned might be better in some cases because it can take several days for freshly picked produce to reach store shelves…

Today’s Dietitian, March 2009 Issue

According to Duyff, canned goods often get a bad rap, as many consumers don’t realize how nutritionally-sound canned fruits and vegetables can be. “Many people don’t realize that canned fruits and vegetables are comparable in nutrition to those that are cooked fresh or frozen,” she says, citing a recent University of California, Davis study that found all forms of fruits and veggies—canned, cooked fresh, and frozen—are nutritionally similar and can contribute to a healthful eating plan.

The Daily Mail, 16th December. Tinned food CAN be good for you

People who eat canned fruit and veg ‘may have healthier diets than others who eat none’. Adults who consumed canned fruits and vegetables had a better quality of diet score than those who didn’t eat these foods, 10-year study found these people tended to consume higher amounts of certain nutrients…..

FITDAY, 2015. Canned VS Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Produce destined to be canned is processed immediately after harvesting, minimizing the time for initial nutrient losses. The heating process during canning can destroy anywhere from one-third to one-half of certain vitamins and minerals. However, once canned, additional losses of these sensitive vitamins are significantly less.

American Heart Association, 25th June 2015. Fresh, Frozen or Canned Fruits and Vegetables: All Can Be Healthy Choices!

The American Heart Association recommends a healthy dietary pattern that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, fish, skinless poultry, nuts, and fat-free/low-fat dairy products, and limits sodium, saturated fat, red meat and added sugars. The good news is that all produce counts, which means canned, fresh and frozen varieties can help you reach your goal.


Almost all canned vegetables and canned fruits are fat free…… Many canned fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin A. Canned products have comparable levels of vitamin A to their fresh or frozen counterparts.

Eating Well, 2015. Some of the best canned vegetables and legumes are not just cheaper and more convenient, they may also be healthier than you think.

Don’t turn up your nose at canned produce. “While some vegetables and legumes lose nutrients in the canning process, others actually see their healthy compounds increase,” says Gene Lester, Ph.D., a research plant physiologist at the USDA’s Food Quality Lab in Beltsville, MD.